Under The Covers
Art by Doug Reina
A work of art 25 years in the making, Under The Covers is a deep dive into the mind of award-winning painter and cartoonist Doug Reina. Absurd, hilarious, and surprisingly touching, its images and words explore the anatomy of a yawn; strange creatures with even stranger, human-like qualities; send-ups of everything our society holds dear; very human moments of introspection; the achingly funny that sometimes accompanies the achingly sad, and so much more. It's a strange and twisty odyssey you won't want to miss.

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Praise for Under The Covers:

"Talking heels and Windex bottles spouting on about midlife crisis... It's hard to compare Doug Reina's work to any other artist's -- His visions are brilliant, verging on a madness (that is enviable) yet uniquely his own. We are the lucky beneficiaries of viewing Under the Covers!" -- Kelynn Z. Alder, Artist

"Doug Reina's most unusual sketch book with an occasional naked lady."
-- Sam Gross, Cartoonist

"Doug Reina's work is eye catching, particularly his outstanding use of color. You can see the fun in his work and it's contagious!" -- George Booth, Cartoonist

"I really, really like this book and want it to be published and I want to buy an autographed copy. I love the gags, and the nonsequitors. I laughed out loud more than once -- not just LOL, but really LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I especially love the people that you draw and the observations they have. I can hear their voices in my head, man. The occasional full bleed graphic in between the pen drawings is terrific. It really shows your breadth of achievement. And the book reminds me that you are more than a picture guy, you are a word guy -- a keen observer of the way we look and talk. I found myself really lingering over a lot of the drawings" -- Mike Lynch, Cartoonist

"Clever, funny, silly, artistic, lovely, dark, entertaining...and that was just page 1! This book is a joy to behold and to hold." -- Eddie Brill, Comedian, Actor, Writer, Late Show Producer

"★★★★★ It’s absurd. And funny as hell. And weird in all the ways that scratch my itch for weirdness. To call it a "collection of sketches and cartoons" would be a criminal understatement. Under The Covers is more like a funky, strange fractal -- every time I go through it, I find more. Even random-seeming cartoons suddenly catch my eye, and when I look close, a smile appears out of nowhere on my face. THIS IS WHAT ART IS ABOUT, AND THIS BOOK IS AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE. I am not kidding -- this is not hyperbole. If you really sit with this work, let it settle into your bones, it will make you giggle, and ask "what the hell was that?" and feel a lightness, and a heaviness too, and somewhere in there, I haven't found it yet, is the secret of life. I know it." -- Rob Dircks, Audible bestselling author of Where the Hell is Tesla?